Scared Hindu Malayalee 2017-11-11 00:33:54 News
More scared now. There is fake KHNA( registered in 2017) and KHNJ( registered in 2013) registered in Dr Rekha's name in NJ state.    ( Search  here using key word KERALA HINDUS  :   )  Govt. gives charity status for a purpose. What was Dr Rekha doing with the KHNJ in the past?  What is that 501C charity KHNJ can't do that a new KHNA is registered?  Public leaders have an obligation to disclose and being transparent about their dealings and past before calling them leaders for a community. More than that clear clear intention to defraud public and government to take advantage of charity status. Can I have a word with your  stupid advisors? before it is too late . You are going to put all those associating with your charities in big trouble.
malayali 2017-11-10 23:45:17 News
ഇന്ത്യന്‍ വിമാന ജീവനക്കാര്‍ യാത്രക്കാരോട് മോശമായി പെരുമാറുന്നത് തുടര്‍ക്കഥയാകുന്നു.ജീവനക്കാര്‍ വലിയ ആളുകളും യാതക്കാര്‍ ഇരപ്പാളികളുമാണെന്നാണു അവര്‍ കരുതുന്നതെന്നു തോന്നുന്നു. എയര്‍ ഇന്ത്യയില്‍ ജീവനക്കാര്‍ നല്ല പെരുമാറ്റം നല്‍കുന്നുണ്ടോ? പരാതി ഉണ്ടായാല്‍ വിമാന കമ്പനിക്കാര്‍ ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥരെ ന്യായീകരിക്കും. തെറ്റു തിരുത്താന്‍ ഒരു ശ്രമവുമില്ല
critic 2017-11-10 23:34:28 News
എന്താണ്  ലേഖകന്‍ ഉദ്ധേശിച്ചത്? അത് പറയാന്‍ ഒരു ലേഖനം കൂടി എഴുതുക. 
Satyameva Jayate 2017-11-10 22:54:59 News
I attended all KHNA Conventions including Detroit convention. Dr.Rekha Menon and her team won the election in Detroit. One "popular" "shameless" person from NY tried to contest and tried to support another loser from Arizon when that person figured out that the failure is smelling. Election is a democratic process and Dr.Rekha Menon and her team won because most of the general body supported them. Not sure why the losers and some "self declared leaders" are crying and trying to scare some community members. Nobody is above the law. Sending anonymous emails are done by some cowards to confuse Hindu families. Majority of the Hindu people know who is behind this coward. shameless acts. Shame on you guys. Becoming doctors or engineers or rich people are not the qualties to run an organization like KHNA. You guys go shout and cry FOKANA and FOMA to do your show off and power grabbing games! You losers should stop complaining and crying and leave KHNA because majority rejected you and your team. Hinduism is not about splitting and fighting each other. Peace guys!  Satyameva Jayate !
സി സി എസ് ഐ മാ മാ മാ ത്തു 2017-11-10 22:50:41 News
മ മ മ മ മ യില  പ പ പറ  ന ന ന  ന  നായി ഏഴു തു തു  തും . ചി ചി ചി രിച്ച്  ചിരി ച്ച് മണ്ണ് ക ക പ്പി 

മർ മർ തോമാ ക്കാ ക്കാ ര് മിക്ക വാ വാ റും പൊ  പോ പോ ങ്ങ ന്മാരാ 

Another Scared Hindu 2017-11-10 21:57:48 News
Thanks for warning. If I attend NJ program most likely I will become an IRS witness to the fraud new fake KHNA conducting on Saturday. It is lke Punjabeese "marrying" siblings pretending as bride/groom to get green card for siblings. All people in the fake marriage album living in USA were called as witnesses by Home land security and some were even prosecuted as they knowingly and willingly sided by a crime. 
Run Run ...stay away from fraudsters....  don't even talk over phone. 
I also heard one of these guys called police during last Hindu convention in Detroit? Will a mature person with real friends  do somethibng like that to the community? .... looks like a bunch of losers... lonely hearts..... being propped up by another set of faceless cowards who has no real value or respect in the well respected proud Malayalee Hindu Community. Dr Rekha you are a good person, if some one is trying  to take advantage by doing back seat driving and pushing you to the edge of the cliff... for them to settle score with some one else .... or for their own agenda..... it is not too late for you... listen to the mature proven elders.... our community is blessed with lot of  them... I beg you.... let not IRS chase you or any of us Hindus...
Reader 2017-11-10 21:55:47 News
I totally agree with Dr. A.K.B> Pillai's suggestion that satire (humor) and travelogue should be included in the next LANA convention. Too much importance is given to poetry, for which many readers have no interest. Too difficult to understand the hidden meaning or message in the so called great poetry. Most of them are real craps.
Mathai 2017-11-10 21:30:30 News
A simple, but truthful narration. Nothing against any sabha. :Which church are you going? is a common question asked by most Malayalees. I do not see anything wrong with that question. Good article.
Orthodox viswasi 2017-11-10 20:38:19 News
Respected Nicholovos Thirumeny was saying this since at least 10 years.  I had seen Thirumeny telling Achens near to him in the altar to go to the people who takes pictures to stop it immediatley.  Pope is truly saying the right thing.
Philip 2017-11-10 19:52:39 News
പള്ളി ഭക്തി ദൈവ ഭക്തിക്ക് വളരെ മുകളിൽ ആണ്..
Scared Hindu Malayalee 2017-11-10 18:34:10 News
Oh my god. Really scary criminal and intentional defrauding situation in the eyes of IRS  here by having same charity name for the new company if what sad hindu wrote is right. If you take any more steps furhter without disclosing to the public that you are conducting all these in the name of new company, you are accumulating evidences against you to support the crime that you are disguising as an established 501 C charity to defraud people. My dear Hindu brothers and sister leaders of NJ and those controlling them from behind, you still have time to save your self from trouble from IRS and authorities. Do you have a proper legal advisor? Charity corporations are under strong scrutiny in USA. If you don't have a temple or church associated with your charity you are more screwed. You basically intent to collect money and conduct a fun  event called convention. Is that the definition of charity? I agree to Sad Hindu, you don't have experienced mature people supporting you.  PLease , don't get yourself in to trouble by creating more evidences against yourself..... we want all our hindu brothers and sisters to prosper...If some one else was pushing you to be in these poitions since you have money, please keep in mind they are safe, their name is not exposed to authorities, they have nothing to lose.
strong Hindu 2017-11-10 18:02:18 News

I agree with the comments of  Sad Hindu. Please don't make a split in this  great organization.The foundation for the KHNA was bulid by the strongest malayalee hindus in USA and it become a big tree. Please donot cut the  branches.

Some unmactured people are trying to destroy this KHNA. . Always negotitation  can do good things. As Sad Hindus said,you guys are not having enough experience to control a big organization like KHNA.  Fraud cannot be accepted by any people. Before doing anything please think.

ജോസഫ് നന്പിമഠം 2017-11-10 14:59:57 News
നല്ല കവിത. അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ
CID Moosa 2017-11-10 13:46:23 News
മാർത്തോമാ സ്ത്രീകളാണ് പാത്രിയറികിസ് /ഓർത്തഡോൿസ് തമ്മിൽ തല്ലിനു
കാരണം. കുറച്ചു പേരെ തിരിച്ചു വിടണം.
Sad Hindu 2017-11-10 11:38:56 News
Is it true that you guys registered a brand new company in the state of NJ by the same name Kerala Hindus of North America on July 31st 2017? Is it also true that hundreds of senior and  veteran  well respected active Malayali Hindus including past presidents and secretaries  spread across the USA have no support for your NJ KHNA  which you disguise as real KHNA? Will you maintain two bank accounts for two organisations? How will the public know where their money going? real established KHNA accont or brand new KHNA ?
Actually what is motivating you the NJ team ? money ? fame? name?
My humble opinion. You may be able to convene an event with money. You guys are great on your personal level and success.  
But sadly you guys dont have enough life experience, maturity, or vision or knowledge or qualification of any kind or a good well respected mature team behind you to lead the esteemed group of Malayali Hindus in North America. Please don't fall for the agenda of few behind the scenes guys whose thinking is based on jealous and personal vendetta.