Is China a Threat to International Peace and Security? (George Abraham)



Rahm Emmanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, was once quoted as saying ‘never let a good crisis go to waste”. It appears that China is operating on the same axiom leveraging the Coronavirus crisis - thanks to either their deliberate mismanagement or severe dereliction of duty - by virtue of which the world has been brought to their knees. Over 121,000 people have succumbed to the deadly disease already in the U.S., and India had to shut down the entire country to combat this deadly virus putting the lives and wellbeing of its ordinary citizens at significant risk. To add insult to injury, China now has invaded the Indian territory in Ladakh, resulting in the death of twenty or more of its soldiers.

This military action by the Chinese may not be an accidental one but part of a well-executed strategy to seize additional territory while the whole world is pre-occupied with the COVID crisis. In recent weeks, the Chinese have sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat in the South China sea, swarmed a Malaysian offshore rig, threatened Taiwan, and tightened their grip on Hong Kong. They have manipulated the World Health Organization in misleading the world on the danger of the Covid-19 and then went on a buying spree to corner most of the medical equipment and accessories needed to fight the virus and then sold them back to the same countries for an obscene profit.

China is proving beyond any doubt that they are not only a danger to the health and wellbeing of the world citizenry but also pose a genuine threat to the peace and security of the world. For those who constantly despise America’s leadership in the world, the growing power of China should give them a pause. The communist dictatorship under the Xi Jinping has little or no respect for human rights and treated any dissident with disdain and often with harsh punishment. During the height of the COVID crisis in Wuhan, there were stories of patients whose front doors were bolted from outside and were left to die, and residents hearing screams from the nearby crematorium.

How the Chinese soldiers have circumvented, the basic agreement of being unarmed at the Line of control is an excellent example of their deception and despicable behavior. According to the Indian sources, what had started as an effort of disengagement suddenly unraveled, and scuffles broke out. Chinese came down with stones wrapped with barbed wire and sharpened rods and attacked the men, and several of them were thrown off the cliffs to the Galwan river, with many men said to have died after plunging into the frigid glacial waters below.

How China dealt with the COVID crisis would give a glimpse of how disingenuous and dishonest the rulers of that Communist country are in terms of suppressing the truth and propagating disinformation to the detriment of the rest of the world. According to U.S. intelligence reports, China has indeed concealed the extent of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it suffered from the disease. The outbreak began in China’s Hubei province in late 2019, but the country has reported only 86,000 cases with 4600 deaths.

“The claim that the United States has more coronavirus deaths than China is false,” Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, said in a statement after Bloomberg News published its report. “Without commenting on any classified information, this much is painfully obvious: The Chinese Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about coronavirus to protect the regime.”

There is no doubt that as president of the one-party state, Xi Jinping bears the primary responsibility for the political decisions that facilitated the spread of this deadly virus around the world. China’s web of disinformation, corrupt political maneuvering within the World Health Organization (WHO), and lack of ethics resulted in the ongoing health and economic crisis as Governments struggle to contain COVID-19.

The phenomenal growth of the Chinese economy in the last three decades, together with unpredictable political governance in China, has created quite a bit of anxiety and grave concerns around the world. Although their aggressive actions in the South China sea during this Pandemic brought some pushback from the nation-states in the region, they have not helped to moderate Chinese behavior. Although the United States often sends a show of force to check the growing menace of the Chinese Naval power, the leaders of the region have been so pre-occupied with fighting the Pandemic and increasingly dependent on Chinese investment and medical aid thereby offering little or no resistance.

In 1962, a full-fledged war broke out between China and India, resulting in the deaths of 3250 Indian soldiers and losing Aksai-Chin, an area the size of Switzerland. A sense of permanent peace was never achieved as China continued with its small incursions and consolidations through concealment and stealthy actions that never brought about any tactical escalation by India. Moreover, India has been too deferential to Chinese sensitivities, often taking a neutral stand in Chinese meddling in the South China Sea.

It is to be noted that whether it is discontinuing contacts with the Dalai Lama or holding an annual bilateral summit with the Chinese leader, Prime Minister Modi’s appeasement policies have not worked. While so much of India’s focus was centered on Pakistan, China has succeeded in slowly changing the territorial status quo using force. The mismanaged relationship with Nepal and the lack of support for India from its immediate neighbors are also indicative of the failed regional leadership at the Center. 

When China was admitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the world held out hope that market liberalization would open the country for political freedom and more representative governance. However, nothing much has changed. Right now, the iron fist of the Chinese Communist dictatorship has once again proved to be not only a grave danger to the health and wellbeing of the countries around the globe but also a major emerging threat to their peace and security. As I pay homage to the brave Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives, it is time to call China accountable for all their callous actions.

(Writer is a former Chief technology Officer of the United Nations and Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA)

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  1. Violation of constitution

    2020-06-27 16:30:09

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against the Trump administration in its transfer of $2.5 billion from military construction projects to build sections of the U.S. border wall with Mexico, ruling it illegally sidestepped Congress, which gets to decide how to use the funds. ‘Today, the court reminded the president — once again — that no one is above the law.’— California Attorney General Xavier Becerra The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a coalition of border states and environmental groups that contended the money transfer was unlawful and that building the wall would pose environmental threats. The ruling was the latest twist in the legal battle that has largely gone Trump’s way. Last July, the Supreme Court allowed the $2.5 billion to be spent while the litigation continued, blunting the impact of the latest appeals court action.

  2. PT Kurian

    2020-06-27 11:54:41

    China wants Biden to win the presidential race, so they can continue to rip off America. They were happy when Biden said quote WE LOST 120 MILLION TO CORONA VIRUS unquote. Slip of a tongue - (CNN) . Do we need a guy with Dimentia in our Oval Office - GOD PREVAIL.

  3. Malayali so called Democrat

    2020-06-27 10:19:05

    Thank God. with the exception of less than 1% malayalees, we all are supporting Donald Trump. Outside we show support to blacks. Inside we are the true Trump supporters. If you do a secret poll it will show that almost 100% malayalees support Trump. Our true color comes out when we look for a house. Does that tell you who we support. The 1% show support to Democrats for some political gain only. Thank God.

  4. Regrets

    2020-06-27 10:17:37

    Gov. Greg Abbot regrets for reopening TX early and this is what happens when people follow a untrustworthy leader. You cannot trust this guy in the case of China either. He would do any damn thing and have a deal with Xi Jinping to win. I regret voting for him. Vote him out. Many true Republicans already got out of his bandwagon.

  5. Mera Nam Joker

    2020-06-27 09:33:15

    Q: What is Donald Trump's favorite nation? A. Discrimination

  6. Nagarajan NJ

    2020-06-27 09:17:54

    MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes on Friday demanded that Donald must resign. his time in office and his failures over the coronavirus pandemic, calling his resignation “an urgent matter of health” as he explained in detail why the president should step down.

  7. Joseph

    2020-06-27 08:49:49

    A friend who lives in Thailand wrote me this: The mask and mutual respect is why Thailand with 70 million citizens has only lost 58 to covid. Think about that. Mutual respect. Doing what's right for the common good. Now we find out Trump knew 4 months ago Putin was paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Now what Republicans?!? THIS IS TREASON! HE MUST BE REMOVED! if this NYTimes report is correct, U.S. intelligence has concluded that Russia offered bounties for dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan, AND has paid out on some of those bounties. And donald was told in March and so far has opted to have no response. Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore and Chicago, “it’s like living in hell.”-trump said. Donald has cancelled his golf trip to NJ and back in bunker. Today is the day Johnson cancelled his plans for re-election. Republican superpack wants donald to resign immediately. He has asked for immunity from all the crimes including treason- colluding with russia. Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety. Be KIND, wear a mask!-Joseph


    2020-06-27 08:04:22

    Dear Anthappan, I should say, with all the respect due to you, that you miss the point here. To Oommen (whoever you be-- you see why should declare yourself!), I would further say: India should sue the World Health Organization for colliding with China in the pandemic context. India is one-third the size of the US but 4 times its population, which speaks to the population density difference, and yet India has done much better than any other country COVID-wise. Especially the state of Kerala. Has the WHO acknowledged it? No. And forget about the US doing so, much less adopting the Kerala model. So much the loss for this otherwise great country! Who here would praise India for anything it has done? You know, it is what it is!!. India rose to the occasion--Kerala specially--instead of the sophisticated but callous bla...bla...from those in power and from the press. My point: China is to blame. Let the WHO call her out. But that has not happened. Because... you know! So I say, sue the World Health organization for siding with China COVODwise. The Indo-China border conflict issue cannot wait, but one thing at a time That is why I moot that India should sue the WHO.

  9. Molly Ouseph -women for Trump

    2020-06-27 07:41:43

    God created humans with no mask, so it is a sin to walk around a Mask. God breathed holy spirit in humans so Christians won't get Corona. No government can tell a woman she should wear Bra or panties, so they cannot tell us to put a mask on. God will punish if you wear a mask. We will start making citizen arrests on those who wear masks. Starting July we are forming a group of 50all over the Nation and walk into all stores and business, that is the way we going to protest. We are opening our churches and we won't wear any masks. This is the plan of Christians who support Trump. The poll numbers are fake. Do not believe the media. Watch FOX News only. Do not watch CNN. All malayalee Christians must vote for our savior & hero Trump. Bidden is weak, Kamala is his VP. You know how happy blacks will be.

  10. Joy Pulikkodan

    2020-06-27 07:25:28

    Behind the Curtains. How do I know? I am a very active GOP man. If poll #s are low Trump is resigning in July with the promise of a pardon from Pence for Trump, Ivanka, his 2 sons & Juliyani. Pompeo, Romeny or Powel to run for presidency with Lis Cheny, Nikki Haley, Conda Liza Rice, McCains daughter, or Ivanka as VP. It is a great political strategy ever planned. A woman of colour is preferred as VP by the Super Pacs. The Super Pacs really want Trump out.

  11. Oommen

    2020-06-27 00:39:38

    China is using Democrats to stir up turmoil here in the US. Everyone knows that Biden has close ties with Chinese regime. China wants to dominate the world by destroying us. Democrats fail to understand the seriousness. Trump has been trying to to address the problem. Why Democratic leaders are not bringing this matter to the public. They are so focused on their failure at the last election. Hope Americans will rise up to the reality.

  12. Anthappan

    2020-06-26 23:35:21

    I have a couple of points to make. 1. A good manager will first address the problem before going after the source of it. For example, If there is bleeding in your hand, first to do something (first aid) to stop the bleeding then take the necessary steps to correct the problem. Trump had a chance to address the pandemic from spreading across America but instead of addressing it, he started the blame game. 2. "The so-called leftists and anarchists in the USA, are working together to help China to achieve these goals." -This statement doesn't make any sense after learning from John Bolton that Trump asked Xi Jinping to help him to win the upcoming election. You and I go to Walmart and buy things from there and help them to import goods from China. Ivanka Trump gets her products manufactured in China and sells it in the US market. Over Memorial Day weekend, Attorney General William Barr removed a low-profile US attorney in Texas following the public airing of a dispute over an investigation into Walmart -- a move that didn't draw the same attention as the firing of the high-profile US attorney in Manhattan, but is now raising new questions about political interference inside the Justice Department. Joseph Brown, the US attorney for the Eastern District of Texas and a Trump appointee, was pushed out after ProPublica published a nearly 7,000-word story headlined "Walmart was almost charged criminally over opioids. Trump appointees killed the indictment," which described an internal battle over a Texas prosecutor's efforts to bring criminal charges against Walmart, according to people familiar with the matter. Walmart has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Brown quietly resigned, but now the forced exit from last month is getting renewed attention as the latest move that has stoked concerns about the politicization of the Justice Department under Barr. The House Judiciary Committee is investigating the matter, sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN and has lined up a witness who filed a whistleblower complaint with the Justice Department inspector general to testify about the handling of the Walmart investigation. Trump is not a trustworthy person. He is a fraud to the core. He is a buddy of Xi Jinping and Putin and cheating America. He is not going to do any damn thing for this country. It is better to vote him out before he sells America. The greatest threat to this country is Trump and let us kick him out of Oval office first and then deal with china.

  13. Joseph Nambimadam

    2020-06-26 20:48:34

    What would have been the fate of the recent protesters in USA if they were in China? They would have been run over by military trucks and the number of deaths would have been reported as zero! That is the difference between a democratic country and a country run by communist regimes. The greatest democracies in the world, India and America are their main target. To weaken them and cripple them is their ultimate goal. They are accumulating all the money from these countries through trade. Always China export more to these countries and buy less from them. There is a very huge trade imbalance between these countries and China. And they are making most money out of them to build up arms and arsenal to attack and weaken these two countries. The so called leftists and anarchists in USA, are working together to help China to achieve these goals. It is time to put an end to this ongoing problem. China is not only a threat to US and India, it is a threat for all countries in the world and for humanity as a whole.Thanks for writing this timely article.


    2020-06-26 19:51:34

    I wonder why a great article like this would not elicit comments. This is a superb piece of writing in American English--grammatical, idiomatic, and smooth, to boot! Maybe we are getting too used to the "Like" in FB. We are all Democrats OR republicans, AND pro-Congress or pro-Janata. Which means, every one of us HAS a reaction to what Mr. Abram has written here. But say it. Just say it, and under own name. For me, this is a great essay on the current pandemic, focusing on China's obscurantist post-modern Communist obduracy with all its alarming implications and repercussions American, Indian, and global.

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